Have a nice Midsummer

I wish you all a nice Midsummer.

Software for the ZKE E load

Car-In port

Häromdagen så hade grannen katt gömt sig i vårat garage. Någon dag senare så klöste den sönder gummilisten under våran Car-In port. Numera är det Crawford som tagit över dom portarna. Men dom har inga reservdelar till dom. Men jag hittade ned firma på nätet som heter VPE. Som säljer gummilister som passar perfekt. I mitt fall var det 150mm listen som blev den bästa. VPE Gummilist".

Webcam VC0323


Netonix looks like a great hardware designer, they have made a nice switch with PoE, I would like to test one. WISP Switch".

19 inch Rackwine

Firefox, Insecure Password Warning

Multi-channel RTL-SDR

Getting to know the new house

At last! Where in the new house and trying to make it a home. Unfortunately, we have become a bit cheated by the real estate agent at "Fastighetsbyran". They're talking about they sell with quality and safety. But in this case we found some problems before we paid for the house. But the agent promised us that everything would work out. Therafter, we have not received any help, and the seller does not answer the phone anymore. So thanks for nothing Fastighetsbyran, so avoid them is my advise!!!


Now we found a house and moving away from Klockaretorpet, so all "new swedes" can burn the city by themselves

Sad day

Today is a sad day, I have tried to get a job at SMHI service department as a technician. After a few months of waiting, as well as a first job interview then some waiting and then a long interview (walking tour). So I hoped to get the job and be working with something that seems fun. But today I found out that that was not the case. They called and said that someone else got the job.

>How should anyone do to get a job that you like<

Motorola MC Micro

Some mods and reprogramming of a MC Micro
MC Micro

Primus 2490 real

Repair Primus 2940

19 Rack mounting

Diffrent dish feed

Audi TT

Lamp driver circuit VNQ830E

Sealing when repairing a compressor

SjoV Sthlm Bure

AMP Connectors for VAG

Ericsson C700

Link to Youtube Had a friend with a Ericsson C700 that came and had problems with some kind of glitch. And after some troubleshooting i have that the d-sub connector was loose.


Trying to use MD

UniFi box

While doing some work on the AMPRnet hamnet.nu network, we needed to connect a UniFi box to the network, but it could not find the UniFi controller, so i used this command, top fix it. And assign where the controller is. More info here, how to move a UniFi unit to a other Controller. BusyBox v1.11.2 (2015-07-24 03:06:31 PDT) built-in shell (ash) Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands. BZ.v2.4.1# mca-cli UniFi# set-inform Adoption request sent to ''. 1. please adopt it on the controller 2. issue the set-inform command again 3. will be saved after device is successfully managed


New site

Now my new website is up and running.