About me

Hello there!

This is my website. who am I then. A guy on right now 29years 32years 33years. I live in Vikbolandet outside of Norrköping, Sweden with my family, wife and two kids three kids. I work in the automotive sector, and also works extra with radio communications and electronics. Besides this I practice a lot with computers, electronics and radio communication as a little hobby, and likes to learn new things. I also like to go abroad and see and take on new impressions. Also, it is fun when you nowadays have family and kids to be with. And then you get to experience what it is like outside of one's normal life at home.

This website, I have to note a little of everything of what I do, because there might be someone else who thinks it might be interesting or have help of it.

If you want to send a e-mail to me try to send to website @ sm5ylg.com

//Regards Kriicka ~ SM5YLG