Kenwood TM-D710

Storno 6000

I have some Storno 6000 stations and on this page i collect what i find.

2014-01-04 More testing the new software
Today i burnt some more eproms and trie to help a friend with his to CQM 6112, one radio worked perfect.
The other one just started pliping on the display, and after som reading on the internet, i found
that the first one have 8kb memmory, and the second one only 2kb. And 2kb i not enough...
So for the second radio i had to burn the old software with som new channels. So now i have it covered.

2014-01-03 New Software
Lately a man on the Storno UK forum have developed some new software for the Storno 6000 stations.
I like the new software cause now i have all function in one software. It is really Nice work.
It is nicely written, and easy to change frequencies before you burn it on a chip.
So yesterday i burnt a new 27C256 eprom, and put in my CQM 6112 radio. And now i have a many new functions to discover.

2013-06-05 Som common info

Short info:

CQM 6632 + 6633 + 6334 = 4m
CQM 6112 + 6113 + 6114 = 2m
CQM 6662 + 6663 = 70cm

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