Repair of Stabilock/Wavetek SI4015

I purchased a broken SI4015 and i dicided to try to repair it so it works, and here is my notifcations about it.

2012-09-14 Today i recived the instrument, and tried to start it up, but it was dead.

2012-09-15 Now i have measured up the psu, and i don´t have +15 and -15volt i only have 5.2v. I have disassembled the PSU and the capacitors on the low voltage side is broken.

2012-09-21 Today i tried first to change the capacitors but it did´t work, it was also a transistor BC547 that was broken. Now the PSU works. But now when i have disassembled the unit i also changed the rest of the capacitors so now every cap is new. 28pc total. And i also changed the capacitor on the backside of the keyboard. Now a new problem revealed, first when i started everything when ok in the "self test" but the duplexer unit got one error/failed. But i continued to have it on about 20minutes. Then did a new "self test" now i went crazy, Everything got the status failed.... Now i took out the rf unit and opened it, to my surprise every capacitor have leaked, got to the next unit the synt, same problem, next unit the duplexer same here also. Now i know that all capacitors are broken.

2012-09-22 So now i have ordered 164pc capacitors from, then when they comes next week i have work every night.

2012-10-02 Now i got the service manual.

2012-10-10 I have now been working every night in weeks, i have changed every capacitor in the unit i have found. When i Now tried to start it it was on in 40minutes and then made a restart. Now it does not start any more. More error searching.

2012-10-12 Now some more capacitors was found, 5pc on the backside on the button board and 5pc on the main unit connector card. After change of the last caps now it starts and seems to work. More tests will be done.

Powers from Power Supply Unit PCB
+15V, -15V and +5.2V

Module cards from right side to left.
1 = RF unit
2 = Synt unit
3 = Duplex unit
4 = Metall card with cable
5 = Demod meter unit
6 = Logic Unit
7 = N/A
8 = N/A
9 =Computer unit

Bus interface unit:
4,7uF 25V Diameter 4mm 6pc
10uF 16V Diameter 4mm 4pc

RF Unit:
100uF 6V Diameter 6,3mm 4pc
22uF 25V Diameter 6,3mm 6pc
47uF 16V Diameter 6,3mm 1pc
2.2uF 50V Diameter 4mm 1pc
10uF 16V Diameter 4mm 1pc
13pc total

Synthesizer unit:
47uF 16v Diameter 6.3mm 20pc
10uF 16v Diameter 4mm 14pc
2.2uF 50v Diameter 4mm 7pc
100uF 6V Diameter 6,3mm 8pc
49pc total

Duplex unit:
100uF 6V Diameter 6,3mm 9pc
47uF 16v Diameter 6,3mm 14pc
2,2uF 50V Diameter 4mm 7pc
10uF 16v Diameter 4mm 7pc

Demod meter:
47uF 16V Diameter 6,3mm 16pc

Mod gene:
47uF 16V Diameter 6,3mm 3pc
10uF 16V Diameter 4mm 9pc

22uF 25V Diameter 6,3mm 1pc
47uF 16V Diameter 6,3mm 10pc
4,7uF 25V Diameter 4mm 2pc

Total SMD Caps in RF, synt, duplex, comp, bus interf units:
100uF 6V Diameter 6,3mm 21pc > 67-310-20
22uF 25V Diameter 6,3mm 7pc > 67-321-35
47uF 16V Diameter 6,3mm 64pc > 67-308-40
2.2uF 50V Diameter 4mm 15pc > 67-223-00
10uF 16V Diameter 4mm 35pc > 67-310-21
4,7uF 25V Diameter 4mm 8pc > 67-221-36
->The component numbers is from

Capacitors in PowerSupply Unit:
C1 = 10uF 105C 25V
C2 = 10uF 105C 25V
C3 = 1000uF 105C 40V
C4 = 1000uF 105C 40V
C5 = 12uF 105C 63V
C6 = 10uF 105C 25V
C7 = 470uF 105C 25V
C8 = 10uF 105C 25V
C9 = 120uF 105C 25V
C10 = 120uF 105C 25V
C11 = 1000uF 105C 25V
C12 = 120uF 105C 25V
C13 = 1000uF 105C 40V
C14 = 2200uF 105C 16V
C15 = 1000uF 105C 40V
C16 = 1000uF 105C 40V
C17 = 1000uF 105C 25V
C18 = 1000uF 105C 25V
C19 = 1000uF 105C 25V
C20 = 2200uF 105C 16V
C21 = 10uF 105C 25V
C22 = 470uF 105C 25V
C23 = 150uF 105C 350V
C24 = 330uF 105C 200V
C25 = 330uF 105C 200V
C26 = 1000uF 105C 40V
C27 = 1000uF 105C 40V
C28 = 3,3uF 105C 350V
T1 = 99048 BUZ60
T2 = C547B CBE PH96
T3 = C547B CBE PH96